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If you follow my Facebook page or watch my videos from the HSNT Welcome Home Adoption shelter every Sunday, you’ve heard my mantra.

Adopt, don’t shop. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you can’t adopt, foster – if you can’t foster, volunteer – if you can’t volunteer, donate. EVERYONE can do something!

We need fosters!

Spring is especially tough on shelters and rescue organizations. We are tagged in social media posts and receive more calls for help than we can possibly accommodate. We need people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to the animal populations who need it the most. Often times, it is puppies or kittens too young to be in a shelter, a sick animal, or a surrendered senior pet who is bewildered by the noise and activity in a facility. Puppy and kitten needs can depend on whether the mom is with them, sometimes mothers don’t survive or can’t be found.

Most of the time shelters and rescues can find fosters for the little ones; everyone wants the cute, cuddly puppy or kitten. It is harder to find fosters for adult animals in need. In my rescue, I only have two fosters who will take in adult cats.

So what does it take to foster?

Mostly, just a willingness to give. Can you work and foster? Yes! As long as it is not a puppy or kitten who needs to be bottle-fed. Shelters provide supplies or – in many cases – fosters are willing to purchase the supplies needed. Your biggest responsibilities are to keep them warm, fed and work with them to make sure they are socialized. After 8 weeks, when puppies and kittens are old enough to be in a shelter environment, they can go to their new homes or back to the shelter to be put up for adoption. You can foster once a year, twice a year, or as often as you are able.

There are great organizations locally who can use your help, including The Humane Society of North Texas, Humane Tomorrow, Apollo Support & Rescue, Epic, Buddy’s Place, A Voice for All Paws, Maricats, Classy Cats, Tzu Zoo and Four Paws One Heart, of course! So many wonderful organizations and you can always contact me if you want to know about breed specific rescues. Summer is a great time to foster so your children can help and learn how to give back!

Check out my Facebook page for details on animals who need a foster or furrever home, or contact me via email at



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