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"Pet" Peeves and Animal Ordinances You Should Know

This post is all about Town of Trophy Club animal control ordinances and the most popular "pet" peeves mentioned on your local Facebook groups!

Town Tags for your Pets

Town ordinances no longer require a dog to be registered, but there is significant value in having your dog registered – and it’s free! On the Town of Trophy Club website, search Register Rover to find the form. The animal’s details are in a data base allowing the town's Animal Control Officer (ACO) or police officers to look up pets in the field. Searches can be done based on the dog’s description or cross-street where the dog was found. Did you know, you can also register your cat? Well, you can! The program is not limited to dogs.

To report a lost or found pet, contact 972-434-5500 option 9. For posting a lost or found pet to all Trophy Club Facebook pages and Nextdoor, text a photo with pet’s name, cross streets where last seen (or found) and a contact phone # to 817-647-5771. Read more about found pets on our blog here.

Ordinances - Things you should know!

Scoop your poop! There is an ordinance for picking up after your dog. Be kind to your neighbors – or pay the consequences! Yes, there’s a fine for that. Per the ordinance, "It shall be unlawful and an offense for any person to fail to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by a dog, cat, or other animal being owned, handled, or controlled by that person in any of the following areas: walks, parks, recreation areas, sidewalks, parkways, public streets, alleys, school grounds, any common areas of an apartment house, or any common area of an office building."

Leashes are REQUIRED, they aren’t optional. It doesn’t matter how good your dog’s recall is. There is an ordinance requiring dogs be leashed. You may know your dog, but you don’t know the other dog and how they will react. It is required in your front yard, on the sidewalk, on the trails. No exceptions. The only place your dog is allowed off-leash is the Dog Park or the fenced area of your yard. The ordinance for animals at large reads, "It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow a dog or any other animal possessed, kept or harbored by him, other than a cat, to be at large."

Barking – another big pet peeve we see often on Facebook pages. Homeowner’s may tune out their dog’s barking, but your neighbors may not be able to do that as easily. Bring your dog in if they continue to bark for more than a few minutes. Have consideration for that neighbor who had to work the late shift and doesn't appreciate your barking security system at 6 a.m., especially on a Sunday. The Animal Noise Ordinance reads, "No person shall knowingly keep or harbor any animal that causes loud and unusual or frequent barking, howling, or other noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of any person of ordinary sensibilities."

There are other ordinances that cover things like rabies vaccination requirements, as well as special requirements for ferrets, fowl and miniature pigs. Trophy Club is a great community and those who live here care greatly about their pets. I’m proud to live and serve in our community.

Paws up!


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